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Car Service That Many Car Owners Overlook

by Derek Davidson

As a car owner, you want to ensure that you do everything possible to keep your car in good working order, and this means maintaining it by regular service visits. You probably know to change the oil and top off other fluids regularly, but may overlook other types of auto service that can keep your car running like new. Note a few of these service options that many car owners overlook so you can ensure you get them done as needed.

1. Replace the timing belt

Also called the cambelt, the timing belt is a belt that goes around the front gears of your car's engine. This belt synchronizes the upper and lower parts of the engine so all the pistons and other parts work at the same time. If this belt should get worn or break, this can cause severe damage to the engine itself.

Each car will have a recommended lifespan of the timing belt; you need to ensure you have yours replaced in this time even if it seems to be in good repair. This will keep it from getting cracked or torn or even overly worn and eventually breaking, causing damage to the engine.

2. Tires

Many car owners think that as long as the tires look like they're in good condition and none of them are flat or soft, then they must be okay for driving. In truth, your tires can wear down without you being able to notice this, or the tires might be poorly aligned. In turn, this can cause uneven wear on the tires themselves and cause your car to pull or even skid when on the road. Your tires will also have an expected lifespan, but it's good to have them checked annually if not more often for signs of wear.

3. Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining your car's air conditioning makes it more comfortable to drive but can also have health advantages. If you breathe in mold, dirt, and other irritants from a dirty air conditioner, your breathing can actually suffer. A poorly maintained air conditioner can also work harder than it should, using more power from the battery and putting excessive wear and tear on the dashboard fan. Have your air conditioner checked and cleaned before each summer season so you know it will be healthy. This will also ensure you know it has refrigerant and is in good working order before you actually need it during the hot weather.