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Car Repairs | 3 Indicators Of A Broken Down Car Air Conditioning System

by Derek Davidson

Driving during summer is usually unbearable without your car's air conditioning system, so you'll naturally want it to be in prime working condition at all times. But ever so often, some problem lurking behind your cooling system could cause it to wear out and break down completely. If you notice any of these indicators of a broken down cooling system, you will need car air conditioning repairs immediately.

Strange Noises When You Crank Up The Air Conditioner

If you hear strange noises when you crank up your car's air conditioner, it could be because leaves, debris and other particles are clogging up your unit. The efficient operation inside the system is likely being blocked by these particles, causing those strange rattling sounds you hear. Leaves and debris clogging your system can also cause it to stop working completely. Strange noises could also occur because certain parts like the compressor or cooling fans are about to break down. If you notice nasty smells apart from strange noises, it could be because the built-up debris has caused mould and mildew to grow inside the unit. This will cause foul smells to emanate from your vents, leading to possible health concerns and respiratory troubles. Make sure you get the air conditioner repaired as soon as possible to prevent these problems from getting worse.

Poor Water Drainage When You Run The Air Conditioner

If you run your car's air conditioning for a while and notice that the water isn't draining from the bottom of your car, then it could be a sign that your cooling system has a drainage problem. The drain at your bottom of your car could possibly get clogged over time if it isn't maintained well. This will cause the water to back up and pool under your dashboard, eventually leading to water stains settling inside your car. If you notice problems with the cooling system's drainage, be sure to get repairs done immediately to avoid any expensive problems later.

AC Leaks Refrigerant From Your Air Conditioner

If you notice greenish viscous spots inside your car, it could be because the air conditioner's refrigerant is leaking inside. This leaking refrigerant will reduce the liquid level inside the unit and will cause a great deal of stress as your AC unit attempts to cool down the car. Since it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of a refrigerant leak, be sure to take your car in for repairs so a professional can assess the problem and damages accurately.

Make sure you get car air conditioning repairs if you notice any of these indicators of a broken down cooling system.