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3 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is Blinking

by Derek Davidson

Nothing screams vehicle repair more than a continually blinking check engine light. And while the first time the check engine light comes on may cause panic in newbie motorists, individuals who have been driving for a long time may assume they still have time before they need to see their mechanic. The reality is that an assortment of reasons could trigger your check engine light. If you do not get to the root of the problem, you could be in for some severe vehicle repairs. Therefore, it is essential for all vehicle owners to know why their check engine light has come on. Below are three of the common reasons why your check engine light is blinking.

1. The ignition coil or spark plugs are damaged

Both the ignition coil and the spark plugs work together. While the ignition coil is tasked with generating electricity, the spark plugs function to utilise the power generated by the ignition coil to mix both air and fuel in the cylinders. Thus, if any of this auto parts are in decline, it will affect the functioning of the engine. A few of the problems that could crop up from a damaged ignition coil and malfunctioning spark plugs include misfiring and complete shutdown of the engine. The moment you notice that your check engine light is on, it is advisable to have this problem checked out.

2. The catalytic converters are not working

Your car's catalytic converters work to ensure that the carbon monoxide that is generated by the vehicle is converted into carbon dioxide. Hence, they are critical to the operation of your car. Nonetheless, since average motorists that lack mechanical knowledge about their vehicle may be unaware of the potential of this issue cropping up, they may end up overlooking a signal from their check engine light. It is circumspect to note that the replacement of a catalytic converter can be quite expensive, so it will be in your best interest to make sure any necessary repairs are undergone in due time.

3. The vacuum system has a leak

Another often-underrated system in a car is the vacuum system. But the truth is the vacuum system is responsible for a myriad of functions. From ensuring that fumes are routed the right way to enhancing brake operation, the vacuum system is quite critical for the efficiency of your vehicle. In the event of any loose connections or damaged fittings, the vacuum system will start to malfunction, which will trigger the check engine light.