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5 Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Requires Servicing

by Derek Davidson

Like other car systems, automatic transmissions wear down due to prolonged use. Usually, repairing and replacing the transmission is costly. As such, you need to avoid transmission problems by having regular maintenance. Here are the five common transmission problems signalling a need for repairs and maintenance. 

1. Erratic or Delayed Shifting

The main purpose of the transmission is to assist you in changing gears. However, it is only supposed to make this shift when given the command. If you notice that the gears shift unnecessarily, then it is a sign that the transmission computer is experiencing problems. However, it could also be an issue with the transmission fluid. During your transmission service appointment, your mechanic will identify and repair the problem in good time. 

2. A leak of the Transmission Fluid 

If you notice a red fluid under your vehicle when parked, it is probably transmission fluid. Continuous leakage of the liquid can affect the functioning of the transmission in the short term, but in the long run, it will lead to its complete failure. As such, you should have this issue addressed hastily. 

3. An Odd Burning Smell

When the transmission fluid is very hot, it produces an acrid smell that can be likened to burning rubber. If you perceive this smell, it indicates that the transmission fluid is leaking and dropping on the hot engine. It could also be an indicator that the transmission is running on very dirty fluid. The two issues can cause serious damage to the system, thus you should seek professional help immediately you notice the problem. 

4. Unfamiliar Noises When Driving 

If you notice that your car is producing ticking, whining, or grinding noises, you should have the transmission inspected. These sounds mostly result from worn-out bearings or rotating elements. The noise is mostly produced when the vehicle is moving at high speed. 

5. Vibrations When Changing Gears

The car should smoothly shift from one gear to another. If you notice that the auto transmission is hard to shift or causes the vehicle to shake during this shift, it is a sign that the transmission has an issue. In most cases, it signals low transmission fluid. However, you can only determine the specific problem when you have the transmission checked by your mechanic. 

Automatic transmissions should remain in good working condition, given their critical role in the car. Therefore, if you notice any of the issues discussed above, visit your auto service station right away to learn more about automatic transmission services.