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What Justifies The Extra Cost Of Auto Service At A Dealership?

by Derek Davidson

Many vehicle owners brush off the thought of having their vehicles serviced and/ or repaired at a dealership service centre owing to the fact that dealership service is often more expensive than similar service from an independent mechanic.

However, there are various justifications for the extra cost of dealership service that make it not-so-expensive after all.  This article looks at the various reasons why vehicles owners should not hesitate to dig deeper into their pockets of dealership service.

 Service May Actually Be Free At The Dealer's Service Centre

A dealership service centre will service or repair a vehicle for free if the warranty for the vehicle is still valid, and if the cause of the problem is covered under the warranty.

Car dealerships receive payments from the vehicle manufacturer for warranty-related service and repairs. In a large number of cases, vehicle manufacturers ask for verification of the problem and details of corrective procedures undertaken from the car service technicians at the dealership service centre when a vehicle is serviced under warranty.  

Dealership service is also advantageous in the sense that a warranty is provided for repairs and service-related activities paid out-of-pocket (e.g. those not covered under the warranty). This is often not the case with independent mechanics.

Technical Know-How

Dealership auto service is also advantageous in terms of the level of technical expertise available from service technicians. Many times, these technicians are trained to service and repair a specific vehicle model by the vehicle manufacturer. The skills and expertise gained from such training cannot be compared to that which is gained from the vocational training that a large number of independent mechanics undergo.

In addition to this, the technicians and service specialists at a dealership service centre benefit from professional development training programs sponsored by vehicle manufacturers from time to time. As such, service technicians and mechanics at a car dealership are perhaps the most competent people to trust with auto repairs as well as service-related activities.

Automobile Recalls

Many times, a vehicle manufacturer will discover a defect in a particular vehicle model after the vehicle is already in the market. In such cases, vehicle manufacturers will recall the affected vehicle models for corrective action. Dealership service centres get information about recalls directly from vehicle manufacturers and they would be in a better position to inform affected clients on the same.

For an independent mechanic to get such information from a vehicle manufacturer, (s)he must invest in relevant automotive service software. Many of these software applications attract membership and subscription fees, which are unnecessary expenses in the eyes of many independent mechanics.