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Why It's Difficult To Clean Your Torque Converter

by Derek Davidson

If you own a vehicle with an automatic transmission, then perhaps you've heard of the torque converter. This important part helps to transfer power from the engine through to the transmission, and without it, your car wouldn't get very far. Unfortunately, it also needs regular cleaning in order for it to function properly, but it can be difficult to access. Why is this, and what should you be aware of?

What Is A Torque Converter?

A torque converter is made up of two fans that are connected by a fluid-filled chamber. The fan on the engine side is called an impeller, and the one on the transmission side is called a turbine. When the impeller spins, it forces fluid into the chamber, which in turn causes the turbine to spin and transfer power from the engine to the transmission. This allows for smoother gear shifts and improved fuel economy.

Why Is Cleaning Difficult?

Cleaning a torque converter can be difficult because its internal components are hard to access. As a result, some of the cavities and casing surfaces can become clogged with dirt, dust, oil sludge and other contaminants over time. These contaminants can affect its performance by reducing its efficiency or even causing it to fail completely if left unchecked. In order to clean it properly, you'll need special tools and expertise to access all of its internal parts and ensure they're free of debris.

The Solution

The best way to keep your torque converter clean is by scheduling regular maintenance with a qualified mechanic who can inspect it thoroughly and perform any necessary repairs or cleaning as needed. Doing this will help ensure that your torque converter stays in top condition and that your car runs smoothly and efficiently for years.

A skilled mechanic will have a special machine that they will connect to the transmission system. It will ensure that all the old transmission fluid is removed from the inner recesses of the torque converter. Once the old oil is out, the system will send a cleaning agent through under pressure to remove that contamination and any leftover debris.

What To Do Next

It's not easy to clean your torque converter, but when it is done correctly, it will extend the life of the vehicle's transmission system. So, it's crucial for you to take the car in for regular maintenance so that a skilled mechanic can use the right equipment. Don't just settle for a simple oil change as there is much more involved if you want to ensure trouble-free motoring.