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Exhaust System | 3 Telltale Signs Of Trouble With Your Exhaust System

by Derek Davidson

Your car's exhaust system does much more than simply making sure it is noiseless. The exhaust system directs fumes away from the body of your car, while enabling your engine to run powerfully at optimal fuel efficiency. With so many benefits, you'll want to make sure that your exhaust system works as robustly as possible. This guide will help you identify telltale signs of any trouble with your exhaust system.  

Rumbling Sound From The Exhaust System

Cranking up the music volume to drown out the sound of a loud exhaust isn't going to make the problem go away. A loud and rumbling sound that comes from your car's exhaust system indicates that there may be a leak somewhere. While some leaks are obvious, some may be more deep-rooted, so only a trained mechanic will be able to identify it properly. Delaying this repair will only make it more expensive later because you may need to replace your entire exhaust system. Continuing to drive with a poorly functioning catalytic converter or leaking exhaust will also cause damage to other parts of your car's operating system.

Damage To The Catalytic Converter    

The catalytic converter is one of the most crucial parts of your exhaust system because it controls emissions and converts toxic pollutants to harmless impurities. It is also one of the most expensive components of your exhaust system, so you'll want to ensure that it is in good condition at all times. If your catalytic converter suffers from damage, you will notice that your car starts up differently and loud sounds will become common.  If you notice your car shaking when idle or when stopped in traffic, it could be because of damage to the catalytic converter of your exhaust system. A mechanic specialising in exhaust repair will be able to tackle the problem for you. You may need to change the entire exhaust system if the damage is too deep. If you're replacing the system completely, you can opt for a sports exhaust to give your car boosted power and performance.

Poor Fuel Productivity

While filling up your fuel tank more often than normal could be indicative of several problems, an issue with your exhaust system ranks high on the list. Your exhaust system may be damaged because of fluid trickling through it, which causes the engine to work harder. When the engine has to work harder to power your car, it's likely to burn more fuel. You will ideally need to get your exhaust system checked at a specialist mechanic to diagnose the problem.

These signs help you address any problem that may arise with your car's exhaust system.