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What You Should Know About Lacquer Car Paint

by Derek Davidson

When it comes to painting your car, there are a variety of different paint options, including lacquer paint. Lacquer paint is made from acrylic and provides a sleek, polished look that is hard to replicate with other forms of paint. Here are some things to know about this type of car paint so you can decide if it will be good for your car.

It Can Be Easy To Use

For people who are planning to DIY their auto paint job, acrylic lacquer is often the way to go. Lacquer sticks well to itself, which means if you need more than one coat, you don't need to keep sanding the body of the car between each coat like you do with other paint. Lacquer is also easier to fix when you make a mistake, since you can just spray more paint over that spot and not worry too much about it. It is also less toxic, so it can be used right in your garage with less concern about ventilation.

You Have To Spray It On

The main drawbacks to lacquer as a DIY auto paint is the fact that you need to spray it on instead of using a paintbrush and paint can. To some, this might seem easier, and it can be. However, others actually find it more difficult to use. You not only need to use professional-level spray painting equipment to get it done efficiently but you need to be extra careful that you have covered areas of the car you don't want painted. Spraying gives you a little less control over where the paint ends up, as opposed to cutting in with a paintbrush.

Lacquer Lasts a Long Time

Another benefit to using acrylic lacquer paint on your vehicle is that it lasts a long time. Each coat provides a hard shell over the body of the car, which reduces the risk of cracking or peeling. While you still need to take good care of the car with regular washing and waxing, the lacquer provides a durable surface. This helps to protect your investment whether you decide to do it yourself or have it done professionally.  

Your Car Will Have a Glossy Finish

If you want the high glossy look of a brand new luxury car, lacquer is one of the best ways to accomplish it. It doesn't just give the look of new paint but a high gloss that is hard to mimic with other types of paint or even car wax.