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  • 5 Signs That Your Automatic Transmission Requires Servicing

    4 June 2021

    Like other car systems, automatic transmissions wear down due to prolonged use. Usually, repairing and replacing the transmission is costly. As such, you need to avoid transmission problems by having regular maintenance. Here are the five common transmission problems signalling a need for repairs and maintenance.  1. Erratic or Delayed Shifting The main purpose of the transmission is to assist you in changing gears. However, it is only supposed to make this shift when given the command.

  • Roadworthy Inspections: Three Fundamental Tips for Avoiding Failure

    15 April 2021

    Auto components are durable, but they are prone to wear due to normal operations and external damage when driving. If the wear and damage of vehicle parts remain undetected, the risk of failure will be high. Moreover, the compromised elements could malfunction on the road, and the result would be a motor vehicle accident. Roadworthy inspections are designed to prevent such unfavourable occurrences. Simply speaking, the process will detect the deterioration of components and prevent faulty vehicles from getting on the road.

  • Manual Transmission Tips: Should You Prepare for Clutch Repairs?

    22 February 2021

    The clutch is a critical component in manual transmission vehicles. This component experiences a lot of strain during operation due to friction. In simple terms, when the clutch is engaged, the disc presses against the pressure plate. This process is repetitive because the clutch engages and disengages when the vehicle is started and stopped as well as when the gear is changed. Therefore, this unit is subjected to constant frictional wear during normal driving.