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  • Roadworthy Inspections: Three Fundamental Tips for Avoiding Failure

    15 April 2021

    Auto components are durable, but they are prone to wear due to normal operations and external damage when driving. If the wear and damage of vehicle parts remain undetected, the risk of failure will be high. Moreover, the compromised elements could malfunction on the road, and the result would be a motor vehicle accident. Roadworthy inspections are designed to prevent such unfavourable occurrences. Simply speaking, the process will detect the deterioration of components and prevent faulty vehicles from getting on the road.

  • Manual Transmission Tips: Should You Prepare for Clutch Repairs?

    22 February 2021

    The clutch is a critical component in manual transmission vehicles. This component experiences a lot of strain during operation due to friction. In simple terms, when the clutch is engaged, the disc presses against the pressure plate. This process is repetitive because the clutch engages and disengages when the vehicle is started and stopped as well as when the gear is changed. Therefore, this unit is subjected to constant frictional wear during normal driving.

  • Does Logbook Servicing Benefit Your Vehicle In Any Way? 3 Reasons to Do It

    9 December 2020

    Vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that the vehicle get serviced after a given number of kilometres on the road. This regular servicing pattern is excellent for identifying the minor problems that your car could be developing and fixing them before the vehicle breaks down. It is also a perfect opportunity to check the transmission, the engine, oil, wheels, and all other aspects of the car for maintenance purposes. Sadly, a lot of car owners do not take logbook servicing with the seriousness it deserves.

  • Steps to Ensure Your Car Battery Functions Optimally All Winter

    20 October 2020

    Freezing temperatures usually present a unique set of challenges everyone has to overcome. For instance, people usually feel sluggish or sleepy during this time of the year. Your car battery also experiences a similar problem whenever it's cold. The battery may struggle to produce adequate energy to meet the vehicle's varying needs once the temperature drops. So, if you don't take the necessary measures before the cold season sets in, the car battery can die when you need it the most, forcing you to spend a lot of money and time to fix the situation.

  • Car Radiator Problems and Their Repair Options

    14 August 2020

    The radiator is a vital component of a car's cooling system. It stores the coolant when the vehicle is idle. Once you ignite the engine, the radiator becomes a heat exchanger. It transfers heat from the coolant to the atmosphere, thereby reducing the coolant temperatures. Below are some common radiator problems and their repairs. Radiator Leaks Leaks occur when the radiator gets punctured. For example, when your radiator gets hit by hard objects such as rocks.

  • 4 Warning Signs Of Bad Spark Plugs

    20 May 2020

    The spark plugs in your car create the electrical charge required to ignite the combustion engine and provide the power required to keep your car moving. Just like many components in your car, the spark plugs wear out over time and need to be replaced to prevent you from ending up being stranded somewhere. There are usually some signs that the spark plugs are wearing out, and knowing what these warning signs are can allow you to get the spark plugs replaced before they die completely and your engine won't start.

  • Could a Rent-to-Own Agreement Enable You to Get Those All-Important Wheels?

    26 December 2019

    Many towns and cities across Australia can be defined as sprawling. Planners may have had the luxury of space when designing each neighbourhood and this means that it is very difficult to travel around without the use of a car. For some people, this can represent a significant issue, especially if they don't have the means to buy a vehicle outright or if they have a particularly poor credit rating. They may find themselves in a quandary as they have to get to work even though it's a long way away from where they live.

  • The Secret to Getting Excellent Service From Your Mobile Mechanic

    30 September 2019

    Mobile mechanics have become essential service providers to most car owners today. They come to your rescue whenever you face car problems, and if the issue isn't complex, you might need not hire a tow truck to take your vehicle to a repair shop. Hiring a reputable and experienced mobile mechanic to service or repair your car is a cost-efficient option, regardless of its model or make. The following tips will help you get the best service when you hire a mobile mechanic.

  • 3 Signs That Your Car Needs Brakes Repair

    13 June 2019

    According to statistics, about 1,100 people die on Australian roads annually, and brake failures cause a significant portion of these deaths. Imagine cruising the highway, and as you approach a turn, you hit the brakes, but nothing happens. Unfortunately, such incidences are frequent, and fatalities are almost inevitable. Therefore, it is critical to pay close attention to the health of your vehicle's brakes. It will help you to identify potential brake problems in time, thus protecting you from brake failures.

  • Is Your Car's Radiator in Trouble?

    25 March 2019

    Despite how crucial your vehicle is for your day-to-day life, a majority of motorists tend to underrate the importance of their vehicle. Considering that you drive your car on almost a daily basis, from work commutes to attending events, you should pay close attention to the state of the components that your vehicle comprises. If any of these auto parts is to malfunction, your entire day can go awry since you will not have the convenience of getting to wherever you want to with your vehicle.